The Course

In Play Since 1992

Designed by Eddit Hackett and opened in 1992. The course has matured beautifully over the decades to what is now a stunning tree lined parkland test. The course on the one hand is overshadowed by the majestic Macgillicuddy Reeks Mountain Range (including Carrauntouhill, Ireland’s highest mountain) and on the other it enjoys magnificent panoramic views of Dingle Bay and the Slieve Mish Range beyond. This 18 hole parkland layout will test the keenest of golfers.

Par 72 / 73
Distance (yards) 6411 5990 5070

Hole 1

Par 4   Index 9/5

Distance  368  363 308

A challenging first tee shot with a tree lined fairway and out of bounds on the right running for the length of the hole. Any sliced drive could result in a visit to 'Murt's' field and taking three off the tee. A relatively short hole with a good drive being rewarded by a shortish approach to a green flanked with bunkers on both sides.

Hole 2

Par 4   Index 1/1

Distance  408  398 326

A challenging Par 4, to make the green in regulation, you will need to get your tee shot over the hill. You will then be faced with a daunting second shot, over water to reach the green. Risk and reward is the name of the game on this hole.

Hole 3

Par 5   Index 15/11

Distance  517  451 391

This long par 5 will require three good hits to get you home. The tree lined fairway makes for a challenging tee shot. A fairway bunker threatens to snap up 2nd shots which head towards the right side of the fairway. Not many will make it to this green in two! 

Hole 4

Par 4   Index 17/17

Distance  282  266 228

This short par 4 has plenty of risk and reward.  If you choose to take driver off the tee, you will need to keep it straight and take on the drain which runs close to the green. There's trouble on the left with trees and Out of Bounds. An iron or fairway metal off the tee may be the best option here.

Hole 5

Par 3   Index 13/15

Distance  183  164 139

This Par 3's looks straight forward but pin position on the two tiered green makes for very different tee shots. Whether it is in the tricky top shelf position or down below bringing the bunker in to play.

Hole 6

Par 5   Index 5/7

Distance  538  501 424

A long Par 5, there is trouble off the tee if you go left. Keep it straight and you should reach the green in regulation without too much trouble. Stay out of the trees!

Hole 7

Par 3   Index 11/13

Distance  202  178 158

A long par 3. A very long par 3 on a windy day! Hitting this green in regulation is an achievement. Bunkers left and right and a upturned bowl green make Par a great score here. 

Hole 8

Par 4   Index 3/3

Distance  411  346 323

A beast of a par 4. Need to keep your tee shot on the fairway to have any hope of making the green in regulation. Trees left and right seem to narrow the landing area. A tricky green which offers no easy putts makes par a great score.

Hole 9

Par 4   Index 7/9

Distance  383  372 294

Back to back long par 4's to end the front nine. You will need to get your tee shot to the top of the hill to have any hope of making the green in two. Two tiered green awaits with bunker on the right. Another hole where you would take par on the tee!

Hole 10

Par 3   Index 12/16

Distance  179  163 140

Mid lenth par 3. The raised tee box puts your ball high in the air from the start, bringing the wind majorly into play. Bunker on the right and lots of trouble over the back. 

Hole 11

Par 4   Index 4/4

Distance  443  404 329

Longest Par 4 on the course, by some distance. You will need to get a long, straight tee shot and also avoid the fairway bunker if you plan to hit this green in regulation. Tree lined fairway means anything right or left and you are in trouble.

Hole 12

Par 5   Index 10/12

Distance  494  463 364

Avoid the fairway bunkers off the tee and negotiate your way around the corner in two and a birdie chance is waiting. Bank on right of green can feed approach shots towards the pin. 

Hole 13


Par 4   Index 6/6

Distance  383  341 276

If you keep the tee shot on the fairway, a straightforward second awaits. A shelf on the green leads to some tricky putts. Be sure to look out for the pin position on the 14th green as you walk by.

Hole 14

Par 4   Index 14/2

Distance  281  266 264

A short Par 4, but trying to make it in one can lead to lots of trouble. An iron or fairway metal is probably the smart play to get your ball safely to the turn, leaving a short but tricky approach to a raised green with deep bunkers protecting it. 

Hole 15

Par 4   Index 16/10

Distance  504  494 380

Similar distance to the third hole. A good tee shot can be gobbled up by the fairway bunkers, as can your second shot further down the fairway. A small green but sloping back to front allowing the pin to be attacked with your approach.

Hole 16

Par 4/5   Index 2/14

Distance  412  375 362

Another tough Par 4.  You will need a long drive, preferably up the left side of fairway, to give yourself best approach to the large two tiered green. The large tree on the right dictates what you will do with your second shot, if out of position. The old quarry on the right has taken many golf balls, and ruined many cards, over the years.

Hole 17

Par 3   Index 18/18

Distance  105  105 95

Shortest hole on the course by some distance. Offers a great chance of birdie, or even an ace! A small clip of a wedge should see you home. A chance to get some shots back before the 18th.

Hole 18

Par 4   Index 8/8

Distance  348  340 269

A challenging final hole to bring you home. Better to be left than right off the tee.  The fairway slopes from right to left and will leave a tricky approach to the raised green. Once on the green, a usually flat putt awaits, giving a chance of birdie or par to complete your scorecard. The well deserved rest and the 19th awaits!

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